We are reaching out to all of our
wonderful friends, followers, and customers on many
networks and through social media.

If you would like to contact us,
please choose a way that
is the easiest for you!

All areas will be monitored regularly
and you can rest assured
that we will work very hard to give you 
a reply within 48 hours
from your initial contact.  
even on weekends :)

If, at any time, you do not hear
back from someone within
an acceptable time frame,
please let us know you haven't received a response.
With Cyberspace, Social Media Networks, 
and Internet Glitches, it is quite possible the message
wasn't transmitted properly!

Here are the many ways to reach us:
  1. Comment here on this Page
  2. Send an email to
  3. Send us a private message at our Facebook Fan Page
  4. Send us a private message at our Twitter Page - our handle is @PinquePeacock

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Jennifer Scull said...

sending you an email. :)