August 5, 2014

Our Honorary PINQUETTE Emily!!!

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TODAY we welcome our honorary PINQUETTE... EMILY!!!
Emily is the daugher of our PINQUETTE Marji and these two gals had themselves
a fun crafty day together... Emily is here to show off her lovely paper

Hey there, I'm pleased to show you a joint project today with my not so little anymore Peanut.
I ordered the jewelry boxes with the intent to make Mother's day gifts...maybe next year (blushing)
Emily has been asking me to make her jewelry lately so I asked her if she wanted to make her own jewelry box, she was SO excited.

She picked everything out on her own, painted the box 2 coats and even asked if she could make the crown pink! My little creative one! I was so proud.
The only thing I did for her (other than clean up her paint mess) was tie the bow, add the glitter glue dots and traced her name after she wrote it with pencil with the glitter glue.
Not sure what the backwards E is all about, she does that periodically. Just her creative flair I guess.

I think she did a pretty good job matching her embellishments. She said it's her favorite things, flowers, sea shells, feathers and crowns.

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Thank you Marji... and a SPECIAL Thanks to out little
Honorary PINQUETTE ... Emily!!!!!
Her Jewlery Box is PRECIOUS!!... and the memories for you
both crafting together... PRICELESS!!!
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AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Awww Emily you did such a great JOB!!! I love your fun colors and embellishments!!! Marji I love that you and your girl is so creative together. It warms my heart. =)

HUGS To You Both!!!

Miranda said...

How adorable! Enjoy all the time you can get from her Marji, they grow up way toooo fast! Great Job Emily on that awesome jewelry box!

Laura said...

This is so darn cute. Emily you did an amazing job... (good job also getting your Mom to clean up paint mess) .. love your new jewelry box..

Mary Montecalvo said...

Marji you and Emily did a great job. Now all she has to do is fill it with jewelry! TFS this wonderful project with us.

Julie Odil said...

Emily rocks! Great project!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful job Emily and you did, thanks for sharing this wonderful project!