July 16, 2013

~ 2nd Term Artist & Creator Gig Call ~ June 24th to July 12th

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update 7/16/13 - 
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How are all of our Pretty Little Peacocks Today? 

It is hard to believe that the Pinquettes will be celebrating 6 MONTHS on the Artist and Creator Gig Team at Pinque Peacock.

I am so thrilled that most of the girls have stayed on board with us through this new adventure, and another term!  Their talent, dedication, time, creativity, and friendship is SO VALUED AND TREASURED by the  Quirky Queen.  We miss those who ventured out and are spreading their wings in their personal lives and/or crafty lives, but wish them nothing but the best in everything they do!
Pinque Peacock is hosting the 2nd Artist and Creator Gig Call starting today!
We are looking to bring a few more Pinquettes on board for the Fall/Winter 2013 Term.  This term will begin August 1, 2013.  If selected to join the Team, you will have the option of choosing to stay on board for a 3 month term, 6 month term, or 1 YEAR TERM!  Which ever suits your needs better.
The 3 month term will run through October 31st.

The 6 month term will run through January 31, 2014.  

Do you enjoy creating with Pinque Peacock Products?
Do you like working with an exceptional team that enjoys humor and a stress free working environment?

Are you looking to get more exposure to your projects and crafty talents?
If you answered YES to all the questions above, 

I like being different, so instead of calling this a Design Team opportunity, 
we call our Open Application to Join the Team
 "An Artist/Creator Gig"

Each Pinquette Artist/Creator will be expected to do a MINIMUM of the following:
~ Post as a Pinquette at least once per month at your personal blog and draft a post at the Pinquettes Blog (this Blog is only open to active Pinquettes and Admin for the purpose of pre-scheduling posts and scheduling) so that it can be published at the Pinque Peacock Main Blog.

~ Participate in New Release Blog Hops every other month in accordance with your assigned Team's Schedule (The entire Pinquette Team is broken into two separate teams, Team A and Team B, whose participation alternates each month for the New Release Blog Hops. During your Teams assigned Month to participate, you will receive what we like to call our "Pinquette Pretties" - A FREE Pinquette Happy Mail Incentive of New Release Products - that will be showcased during the New Release Blog Hop and shared throughout the month)

~ Take part in other scheduled Events that arise (i.e. Blog Hops as a Team for Special Events, Cross Promotions with other Companies, Linky Parties and Challenges with other Blogs, etc.)

~ Stay active in the Facebook Group for Pinquettes and Admin along with being active at the Pinquette Blog to keep yourself apprised of the current events and upcoming events that will be taking place.

~ Visit your Pinquette Sisters' OFTEN to show your support towards them and their personal blogs. This can be any time, not just when they post for Pinque Peacock!

 ~ If something comes up that makes it impossible for you to post on your scheduled day, PLEASE Find a replacement within the Team to cover your absence. Please

try to give as much notice as you can for this. We all have very busy lives,
and we all understand there may come a time when this is hard to do. I am confident that everyone will work to back up their Pinquette Sisters when the need arises!  
In addition, I do ask, that you let me know in a private message that you are unable to post if this occurs and PLEASE post on the FB Group Wall to see if anyone can fill in for you.
Please DON'T STRESS if something prohibits any of this from happening or being worked out.  We all understand the "Life Happens" rule of thumb.

If you can post weekly, biweekly, or several times in a month, that is EXCEPTIONAL, but not expected unless you wish to do so.  There is a Calendar Document located at the Pinquette Blog where all Pinquettes will fill in the days they wish to post.  If you are comfortable picking a specific day each month, biweekly, or weekly, please be sure to mention this each month in the comments section of the Calendar Post at the Pinquette Blog.  It is also perfectly acceptable if more than one Pinquette wishes to post on the same day as long as they are both able to have their posts ready by the deadline.  
When you do your regularly scheduled posting, you can make ANY Project(s) your heart desires (unless the need arises to follow a given theme in conjunction with a cross promotion or partnership on that specific day) using any of the Pinque Peacock product(s) you want to use. 

~ At this time, New Releases are planned to run monthly and will kick off with a Blog Hop that starts on Friday and runs through Monday.
You will all be asked to join in posting to share the New Release Items through any and all social networking sites available to you.  
I would like to have as many Pinquettes as possible to post over the course of the New Release Weekend as well as for the Entire Month.    You have Creative Freedom to do ANY project(s) your heart desires unless the need arises to follow a given theme.  You will be expected to use the New Release Item(s) sent to you for that particular Month, but combining with past products is fine as well.  Please LINK to our Blog and Shop within your posts.   It is preferred that you also LINK each product you use throughout the month, in any and all of your Projects, to the Specific Product Page in the Shop.  You can use products from other companies and manufacturers during your scheduled posts as a Pinquette (with the exception of competitor products).  You can also mention those acceptable companies/manufacturers anywhere in your post that you wish.  All I ask, is that you DO NOT LINK to those places on your post when it is your day to post as a Pinquette.  I am all for supporting other companies, businesses, blogs, etc....but want to be sure we are directing traffic to the Pinque Peacock Blog & Pinque Peacock SHOP on the days when you are showcasing our products :)
(: Ask questions when you are unsure :)
 I just want to reiterate that my DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN.  I am sure that in my absence, others will be able to help you out as well.

( subject to additional perques being added at any given time in the future )
1.  New Release Items sent to you every other month - "Pinquette Pretties"

2.  13% Discount on any and all Pinque Peacock Purchases you make starting in September 2013 (with the understanding that you will be an active member of the team by then)

3.  Exposure to new faces, new blogs, and new companies as your projects are shared on the Blog, FB Fan Page and SHOP, Pinterest, Twitter, and more!!!

4. The opportunity to be on a Laid Back, Easy Going, Fun Team with an Atmosphere that will ENCOURAGE You to CREATE and that will push you to GROW in YOUR TALENTS.

send email to pinquepeacock@yahoo.com
with PINQUETTE ARTIST CALL in the Subject Line
and include the following information:

~ Give your Name, Blog Name, Blog Address, and Email Address

~ Attach jpeg files of 3 to 5 of your most Favorite Creations you have made within the last 6 months
(please feel free to provide links to your original blog posts where these projects were showcased)
~ Do you participate on Facebook?  Pinterest?  Twitter? or any other Social Media sites?
~ ~ if so, share your links ~ ~

~ Have you ever been on any other Design Teams in the Past?
Please share which ones and the length of each term you completed

~ Are you currently on any other Design Teams Now?
Applications will not be accepted for individuals who are working on a Design Team for a Product Company that sells products similar in nature to what is offered at Pinque Peacock.  We would not want to cause problems for any other companies that would feel this is in direct competition to them as a Business, nor would we want to feel this way about our Business as well.

~ What types of projects do you enjoy working on the most?  What types of projects do you wish you could try next?  Do you have a specific style you lean towards more when you craft?

~ Whose (List Manufacturer or Shop) products do you like using in your creations most (other than Pinque Peacock, of course)

General Questions we would LOVE you to answer as part of your application . . . 
1. When/How did you first hear about Pinque Peacock?
2. Why would you be interested in joining our Team?
 3. What amount of time could you commit to in your first "gig term"
4. What are your favorite products at our Shop right now?


We will be looking to add UP TO 5 new Pinquettes to the Team for this Term.

We will accept all interested Artists' Submission for Consideration until July 12th.  

International Applicants are Welcome 
(However, due to high international shipping rates, if you are selected, you will be required to pay for the postage costs associated with mailing the Pinquette Pretties to you every other month.  This will be done through PayPal invoicing ONLY)

Announcement of the Newest Pinquettes Joining the Team 
will be held the week of July 22nd . . . 
so LOOK for it on the Pinque Peacock Blog.
The New Term will begin August 1st, 2013 

WE are ALL very Excited 
to Welcome the Newest Pinquettes Aboard!
~Quirky Queen Jessica and The Pinquettes

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