July 27, 2013

"From Trash To Treasure"... by PINQUETTE Susie

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PINQUETTE Susie.... and her
awesome  too cool trash to treasure
project she has created!!!
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I'm always excited when it's my turn to post on the Pinque Peacock Blog, but again time goes by so quickly that I'm caught unprepared! Being the crafter that I am, I always have so many projects going at once that I can run into my craft room and finish one up really fast! lol

A few months ago I was in the backyard on wasp patron and went around the side of the house where I never go (afraid a critter may get me) and found this old beat up pot half buried in the dirt. Of course I dug it up to check it out. Looked like it had been there for years and don't know how I'd never seen it before. It was rusty and banged up, but I loved it! Asked hubby if it was his and if I could have it, of course he said yes. So got out a mallet and tried to pound out some of the dents, got out the steel wool to sand off the rust. I did think about leaving it like that, but wasn't sure yet. Next time I went to the hardware store I was checking out cans of paint and found something by Krylon called Silver Hammered Finish and thought it would be perfect. I wanted it to look beat up, but 'pretty' at the same time.

Here is the pot before I painted it, but didn't think to take a photo before I beat it and sanded it.

So it sat on one of my craft tables after I painted it until I decided what to do with it. I had read somewhere about using toilet paper rolls to organize stuff and thought I could do that!! So I started saving toilet paper rolls and putting them in my pot until it had enough. Then I started adding treasures inside all the toilet paper rolls (paint brushes, foam brushes, etc.)

I love the Pinque Peacock fabric covered buttons (I actually love everything PP) that I had to use one for my pot. Of course I am a ribbon/lace junkie too, so I used one of my favorite pieces of lace and threaded some pretty red ribbon through it. For some reason I couldn't make a bow to save my life today, but after like 5 trys I gave up and figured the pretty checked button would cover up the weirdness of it!

So here is my pot all prettied up!! Tried to get a picture without the glare, but it just wasn't happening! lol

Here is a close-up of the button (ignore the bow). hehehe Isn't the lace beautiful??

Thank you so much for checking out my project
and you can check out more on my blog at Scrappy Randomness!!
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Thank you PINQUETTE Susie for sharing
your  project and the way cool story behind this bucket!!!
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TeresaK said...

Susie, that is ONE beautiful beat up pot! LOVE what you did!

Sassy Cricut Crafting said...

This is so cute. Love the idea of organizing with it. Great work!


scrapbookingforfun said...

Fab idea I love it!!!!

MyCraftySpace said...

This is such an awesome project!

ScrapYourWorld said...

Very AWESOME project , would never know that thing was hidden in the dirt!! Perfect touch with the PP button!! I just LOVE THIS!!!!

Mary Montecalvo said...

Wow Susie this is awesome! What a fabulous project and I love the pail what a great find! Love the button as well. TFS~Mary

Marji Franklin said...

How perfectly cute!! Adorable

Heather said...

Love this idea! Super cute! TFS

Donna K said...

Cutest make over EVER!!! Love this Susie!!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow Susie this is a Treasure. I love the colors and the use of PP buttons. They are a fav of mines.

TFS An'Jenic