April 22, 2014

A Fun Frame.... by PINQUETTE Susie

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PINQUETTE Susie is in the house!!

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always look forward to my turn on the Pinque Peacock Blog and plan out my project, but it doesn't always work out! I have several projects always going at once as I'm sure all crafters do, but the last month or so they're not turning out like I envisioned them in my head!

So after my project for today's blog post was a bust, I did another quick project so as not to let our awesome followers down (or you may be let down when you see it)!

So here is my quick and easy frame. I used a Burlap Fabric Splendid Swirl and a 3/4 inch Fabric Covered Button that ca be found at the Pinque Peacock Shop. The photo is of my son back in 1979 making his silly face.

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Julie Odil said...

This is great, and doesn't look like a quick project at all! Love the smile!

Miranda said...

Sooooo cute! I love that you just added a little something to make the frame POP!!!

Mary Montecalvo said...

Oh Susie, where has your confidence gone? Having followed you for a while, I am never disappointed. This burlap flower looks awesome! Love those silly faces the babies make, lol.

Rebecca Daniels said...

I love his smile. SO HAPPY!

Kimberly Pate | KP Kre8tions said...

I do not know what is cuter, the wonderful frame you created, with that pop of style with the button, or the adorable little guy in the frame. :)

Love the work you have done here. Sometimes that fast and easy are the best projects.

Marji Franklin said...

very cute :)

Laura said...

Susie. love this frame.. love that button and flower..