April 21, 2014

Altered Gift Bag... by PINQUETTE Rebecca

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PINQUETTE Rebecca here today
with a fun card to share!!

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Good Day, fellow Peacocks!
I've got a cute little project and tutorial to share today.

To start, gather all of the stuff shown below.
I'm sure you have all these things in your stash, right?

What you Need:
(1) Scraps of designer paper in various widths
(2) Flowers to coordinate with your paper (I made these, but there are lots readily available out there)
(3) A doily
(4) Sandwich or kraft gift bag
(5) A length of coordinating ribbon about 16"
(6) Large Burlap Splendid Swirl from Pinque Peacock

Not Shown:
- Adhesive (double stick tape, glue gun, glue dots)
- Scissors
- Staples

Tuck your gift in the bag and fold the top carefully over a couple of times and secure with a staple.

Cut your scraps of paper in various length banners and layer to your liking. Again, secure with a couple staples. Set aside.

Put a piece of double stick tape on the BACK of gift bag. Fold the doily in 1/2 and lay over the top of the bag (see final project)

Put a couple of pieces of double stick tape on the back and front at the top of the banners. Lift up the front of the doily (It won't have any tape on it). Tuck the banner underneath and secure.

Tie the length of ribbon around the back. Knot should be either to the left or right. (Mine is on the right. Clip the ends to match the banners. You might want to secure the ribbon in place with a piece of double stick tape. I used a dab from my hot glue gun.

Adhere the Burlap Splendid Swirl in the center.

Arrange the flowers around the large centerpiece and secure in place. You will note that I didn't use all the flowers I pulled out. And That's okay!

There you go. A cheerful package to make anyone happy!

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Thank you Pinquette Rebecca for sharing
your FUN, and way too cute gift bag!!!
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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is such a pretty - and easy to produce! - card that is perfect for those oh-I-forgot-to-get-a-card moments! Nobody would know how deceptively simply this lovely card is to make - terrific tutorial!

Julie Odil said...

What a great gift bag, Bek. I may have to scrap lift this idea! I need to bring a gift to work tomorrow and this just mifgt work!

Donna K said...

Love this idea...and how cool that all of those treasures could be repurposed by the recipient. Beautiful gift bag, Rebecca!

Kimberly Pate | KP Kre8tions said...

I am always looking for ways to wrap an gift item, and I think you have just inspired me to try something different. This is super fun and awesomely fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary Montecalvo said...

Wonderful idea Rebecca. Who needs gift bags when you can make your own!Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

SusieScrapper said...

Very cool bag!


Marji Franklin said...

I love this! Such a fabulous choice of products! Great job

Laura said...

oh Rebecca.. that is amazing... gorgeous colours..