July 1, 2014

Sew Easy Pillowcases... by PINQUETTE Kimberly

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Hello Everyone, I am back again today to show you a project that is very near and dear to me. The last few weeks, I have been making pillowcases for a project, so today, I decided to add some of my favorite embellishments to a pillowcase.

These pillowcases are really fast and pretty simple to make, though, the first couple did take me a little longer than I had hoped they would. Honestly, picking out the material is harder than I imagined it would be. Have you been to a fabric store lately? It is worse then going to the candy store... all of those selections, all that fabulous material, so much to chose from, what is a girl to do?

This fabulous material I picked up while shopping at Walmart. I always have to check out their selections, and in doing so, I found this material and thought it would be perfect for a pillowcase.

After I got the pillowcase completed, I laid out ALL my Pinque Peacock Garden Beauties to see which one would work for this project.

So many options.

Many of them would, but I liked this one the best. I like how the pink in the flower pulled out the pink in the pillowcase.

Because of the project I am working on, I am unsure if an embellishment of this type can be added, so to be 100% forthcoming, this Garden Beauty is simply tacked on at this time. Should this be acceptable, I will take the garden beauties apart, and applique each layer on one at a time. Then, instead of the brad in the middle, I will replace it with a pretty colorful button.

It is a pretty fast project, and in the end, I hope to put a smile on a lot of faces with this project.
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what a great way to accent them!!
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Julie Odil said...

Very pretty -- and a wonderful idea!

Heather Flaherty said...

Love this idea! Makes me wish I could sew myself some pretty pillowcases and add some Pinque Peacock pretties to it!

Marji Franklin said...

Such a great idea! I love this

Mary Montecalvo said...

Kim this is great. I would definitely applique them on. Fabulous idea!!!

Miranda said...

Very pretty! Still trying to learn to sew. LOL

Rebecca Daniels said...

LOVE this project. And adding the G.Beauty is a great final touch!

Laura said...

So pretty.. what a great idea.
Laura D.

Sugarlips said...

This is so cute, I would have never thought of adding one to a pillowcase

Marji Franklin said...

This is a great idea! Love the fabrics you chose

Flowersandmoreby Rhonda said...

Oh Kimberly... this is soooo sticken' cute!