November 13, 2013

An Altered Jar!!!... by PINQUETTE Jessie

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PINQUETTE Jessie is in the HoUsE !!!
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Happy Hump Day Everyone!
  I know I am totally ready for the weekend already.
Lately I feel like my mojo went on vacation and forgot to come back...LOL.
I made a few things, but I totally not digging how they came out.
So, here's to hoping my mojo returns from vacation soon.
Anyway, onto my project.

I decided I needed to alter this jar. It told me it wanted to get dressed up LOL
So... I took some twine and wrapped it around the center. I added some
live, laugh, love ribbon from my stash. Then, I added my Splendid Swirl from Pinque Peacock.

Now here is another thing I love about Pinque Peacock Pinquettes. I posted a picture of this part way done and I knew it needed something but I couldn't figure out what. I stared at this jar for 2 days. They suggested the heart and then my sister suggested a little glitter. So the heart center is a charm and I just slipped the loop part under a fold of the Splendid Swirl and then cut up a strip of bling into individuals and stuck them on. I hope you like it too. Have a great Hump Day!!

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Thank you PINQUETTE Jessie, You did
an AWESOME job... this is too cute!!!
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Julie Odil said...

This turned out wonderfully! That. Jar is all dressed up and ready to party!

Donna K said...

Wonder what kind of fun goodies you're putting in that jar, Jessie? Love how you added the bling to the swirl!

Jessica Shelton said...

I do love it! Fabulous little addition of detail. I am a little worried for you though. I don't think jars are supposed to talk to you... lol. It's fabulous Jessie!

Heather Flaherty said...

This is gorgeous! I love this idea, you could dress it up for Holidays and put cake or cookie ingredients with a recipe tied to it.. Love it!

Miranda said...

Super cute Jessie!!!!

scrapbookingforfun said...

Super cute project Jessie!!!!

Marji Franklin said...

This is adorable! So fun

ScrapYourWorld said...

love the added touch of the bling bling on the splendid swirl

Mary Montecalvo said...

Jessie this turned out really cute. Hum, I may lift this idea and add hard candies as a gift. TFS

Robin said...

Great upcycle! Love it!!

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Jessie this turned out to be just beautiful. I love the add heart and gems. AJ-