March 24, 2014

Product Spotlight - with Pretty Little Peacock, Faithe W.

Hello all Pinque Peacock People!

My name is Faithe. I am a member of several design teams, a blogger/crafter, and I am super excited to be telling you about a really cool, and in my opinion, highly underrated product in this edition of Pinque Peacock's Product Spotlight: The Sponge Dabber.

I first saw the sponge dabbers at Scrapfest (a scrapbook expo in Oshawa, Ontario) a few years ago. I was at a stamping booth trying out their new line of stamps and making a Christmas tag. The lady at the booth suggested I add some pop to my project by inking the edges. I had no clue how to go about this as all that was in front of me were big ink pads.  Surely, if I tried to ink my small project it would make a huge mess right? Thankfully make and take ladies are there to help you learn new things.  So she told me to take a sponge dabber and dab it onto the ink dabber.

Then place the sponge dabber along the edges of your product. For an example, I am using a paper flower ornament that I would like to make look more distressed.

Continue doing this until all the edges of your product are covered.

Mine has more ink in some parts because I was going for a more rustic, distressed look.  It is, however, also easy to use this method to achieve clean smooth lines. 
(Here is an example of cleaner lines on a Christmas tag)

Please note, that after use of one color, you should clean your dauber well, or just buy one for each ink you intend on using it with . . . .or else this happens L :

I believe that the sponge daubers are an underrated product because they are easy to look over in a store. 

However if you get a chance I highly suggest going to the Pinque Peacock store and picking some up yourself because the possibilities are endless with use of these daubers. 
Direct Shop Link: Sponge Dabbers

One example of a use besides inking the sides of your projects is to create a cloud effect. We all know clouds appear to be light and fluffy.  In order to achieve this type of look, simply dab the dauber first on the ink pad then on your project in a random placement. Try to then go back over and layer your dabs. This creates a light and fluffy look to the clouds. Shown here I used black ink, which in turn created a storm cloud look.

You could also use your dauber to create flowers (shown here), fluffy and full trees or caterpillars all of which are perfect for spring.

So tell me, Pinque Peacock Friends, have you used this product before? 
If so, what unique ways have you used your dauber?


barbara macaskill said...

I also use my daubers to create special effects around die cut images. Leave your die cut in the die and use the sponge dauber to daub around the inside edge of your die cut. It emphasizes your die cut in a new way! Give it a try! Mikey likes it! LOL

SusieScrapper said...

Great tutorial, I love daubers!


Julie Odil said...

I am a sponge dauber addict. Thanks for the tutorial.

Heather Flaherty said...

great tutorial.. I really need to get some daubers..!!

Miranda said...

Great product spotlight!!!!